You Found Your Dream Home, Now Let Us Help You Get A Loan

Welcome to MortgageMax Premier

Whether you are a new homebuyer, want to add a new property to your portfolio or want to build onto an existing property, we know how difficult it can be to apply for a loan. Therefore, we offer solutions to make the process hassle-free.

At MortgageMax Premier we assist homebuyers to obtain the best home loans or further loans through our relationships with the major banks in South Africa. We offer a timesaving application, which we use to approach the banks on your behalf and source the best deal for you.

You found the home, now let us find the loan.

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About Us

MortgageMax Premier is managed by a highly efficient team with years of experience in banking and origination business, with over 200 licensed MortgageMax independent offices. MortgageMax is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BetterLife Group.

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